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Open Source!
Gigablast is now available as an open source search engine on github.com or
download Gigablast directly. Finally a robust, scalable search solution in
C/C++ that has been in development and used commercially since 2000. Features.
Limited support available for free.

Event Search Engine
Event Guru datamines events from the web. It identifies events on a web page,
or even plain text, using the same rules of deduction used by the human mind.
It also has Facebook integration and lots of other cool things. Based on
Gigablast search technology.

The Transparent Search Engine
Gigablast is the first truly transparent search engine. It tells you exactly why the
search results are ranked the way they are. There is nothing left to the

The SEO Search Engine
When it comes to search-engine based SEO, Gigablast is the place to be. With a
frothy set of unique and effective SEO tools, you will find all you need to execute
a simple yet effective SEO strategy. Stop the guesswork, and let a search engine
tell you how to SEO it.