Gigablast Features
Hyper Scalable Scales to 200 billion full pages and 100,000 servers.
Efficient Uses very few computers to support a huge index and a large number of queries per second.
Simple Interface Get the search results via an XML feed.
Web Directory Allows searching of all the sites in a particular topic, not just the pages. All directory pages can be returned through the XML feed, too.
Gigabot Gigablast's fast and feature-rich spider is highly configurable.
Gigablast Answers Questions Gigablast now has the ability to answer questions with short answers.
Document Injection Bypass the spider and inject your documents directly into Gigablast using simple HTTP POSTs or GETs.
Real-Time URLs are indexed in real-time. Link analysis is done on the fly.
Intelligent Update Determines the update cycle of each document and tries to spider it at that frequency.
Duplicate Detection Spider can detect and discard duplicate web pages.
Dual Mode Uses idle cycles to spider and index documents, but will quickly yield resources to handle incoming queries.
Maintainable Comprehensive web-based GUI controls make it easy to administer.
Spam Protection Features a large array of anti-spam tools and algorithms used to keep spam out of the index.
Document Cache Has a cache to hold user-viewable copies of the pages it spiders and indexes. Obeys nocache meta tags as specified here.
Historic Cache Spider can hold documents in the index long after they are 404.
HTTPS support Can spider and serve HTTPS pages.
robots.txt The Gigablast spiders support the robots.txt standard as well as certain related meta tags.
Multiple Formats Indexes PDF, Microsoft Word, Power Point , Excel and Postscript documents. Supports user-definable filters.
Dynamic Summaries Search result summaries are generated so that they contain the query terms.
Term Highlighting Performs query term highlighting on the view of cached pages and on the dynamic summaries.
Robust Query Syntax Features many different field searches, + and - operators.
Family Filter Removes pages with undesirable content from the search results.
Sort by date Sorts search results by date, very fast and with 100% accuracy.
Query Refinement Search within a set of search results.
Advanced Search Allows users to perform power searches quickly and easily.
Site Clustering Can optionally cluster away results from the same web site, so the list of search results is not dominated by any one site.
Fuzzy Deduping Automatically removes search results that are X% similar to an above result, where X is adjustable.
Query Weighting Custom weight the query terms exactly how you want.
Super Recall Returns extra results which only have some of the query terms.
Spell Checking Performs spell checking based on a dictionary that is constructed from the index. Add your own words and phrases, too.
Huge Document Support Index documents that are hundreds of Megabytes in size.
Huge Result Sets Receive hundreds of thousands of results per page.
Related Topics Dynamically generated on a per query basis. (aka Gigabits)
Reference Pages Generates sets of expert web sites which contain lists of links relevant to the query.
Related Pages Generates related web sites which may not even include the query terms.
Custom Topic Search Constrain searches to a list of up to 500 sites.
Default AND Capable Can easily limit search results to only pages that have all the query terms.
Boolean Queries Supports complex nested boolean queries using AND, OR and NOT operators.
Turing Test Uses simple Turing test to prevent real-time addurl abuse.
Redundancy If one server goes down then its twins take over for it.
Error Correction Corrupted data is automatically detected and patched from a mirror host.
Load Balancing Gigablast intelligently distributes load evenly among all hosts in the network.
Collections Allows the administrator to partition the index into many sub indexes.
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