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Several of our competitors offer bulky, inefficient, pre-programmed "appliances" or copies of their software to run on servers which you must procure along with long-term leases of bandwidth and rackspace at a collocation facility. You then must pay to train employees on the technical administration of your database and/or search customization. If you have a question or a piece of hardware crashes, you could be waiting on hold indefinitely for "customer support." There is a simple alternative to these headaches.

Gigablast’s Hosted Search is just like having a software license, except we take care of all the hardware and software logistics for you. You also get 24-hour system monitoring and support at no additional charge. Hosted Search includes not only hosting, but full construction, management, and maintenance of your custom index based on criteria and specifications you provide.

Gigablast can create a very large index (or indices) from sites that you choose. Millions of sites may be selected by various, flexible criteria. Populate your index with pages from your own region or with pages related to a specific topic. The possibilities are limitless. Gigablast provides the support, software, hardware, rackspace, and bandwidth. After initial setup, you don't have to do anything but pay a monthly license fee and reap the benefits. Your index will have the same features as Gigablast’s main service. Please contact sales if interested in learning more.

Why is Gigablast’s Hosted Search your best possible choice for a search solution?

  • We can provide you with a simple, password-protected API allowing easy addition or deletion of web pages or entire sites. For large lists of URLs, simply contact Customer Support to save time.
  • We leverage bulk purchases of bandwidth and server rackspace, passing the savings on to our clients.
  • We use a proprietary, time-tested server configuration for maximum performance and reliability.
  • In the unlikely event a server goes down, its synchronized twin instantly takes over for it automatically and Gigablast employees are alerted to the system fault via multiple, independent pager networks. All Gigablast clusters have this built-in redundancy.
  • You don’t need system administrators or the associated overhead. We take care of everything for you in conformance to your specifications.
  • We can perform custom feature request coding for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.
  • Receive search results from your custom index in a simple XML format. You can tailor SERP (search engine results page) appearance and/or blend the XML feed from your custom index with sponsored listings or contextual advertisements from other sources for maximum monetization. (Important: Please do not confuse the ‘XML feed’ mentioned here with our XML Search Feed, which is a separate service related to Gigablast’s main web index.)
  • Gigablast even allows you to create multiple, custom collections of web pages (vertical search engines) on the same servers with separate XML feeds from each collection.
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