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Gigablast can create a very large index from sites that you choose. Millions of sites may be selected by various, flexible criteria. Populate an index with pages from your region, or populate with pages from a specific subject area. The possibilities are limitless. Gigablast provides the support, software, hardware and bandwidth. You don't have to do anything. Your index will have the same features as the main Gigablast service. Please contact sales if interested.

  • Stop paying someone else for search results that you can generate, customize, and profit from yourself.
  • Gigablast software allows you to spider AND index 1.5 million average-sized (25kb) web pages per day per server.
  • Easily configure your spidering to build highly
    customized databases which are relevant to your specific needs.
  • Refresh your database as frequently as you wish.
  • Serve approximately 5 queries per second per server with an average latency under 0.5sec for typical query sets.
  • Hold about 100,000 average-sized (25kb) documents per GB of disk space.
  • Gigablast databases are scalable to 200 billion pages with minimal hardware. (100,000 servers)
  • Our clients are very satisfied with the cost, quality, and performance of their Gigablast clusters. Many evaluated our competitors first and chose Gigablast in the end.
  • We currently have clients with databases consisting of several hundred million pages and our own main index is now in excess of 2 billion pages, the fifth largest in the world.
  • For a list of Gigablast features & functionality,
    please visit: and
  • You can lease/purchase your own servers and bandwidth or contract with us to host your entire system for you.
  • Monthly license fees include full technical support and remote administration of your index.
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